07. The Robots

This spring, we’re in the mood for metallics! We’re thrilled to welcome back our beloved Robots! Plus, their 6 new friends including a mystery bag fav... Neon Yoshimi!
The Robots....an array of beautiful metallic lacquers formulated with specially coated aluminum flakes that are simultaneously sparkly, reflective and smooth! Collect them all!
The Robots feature:
Part 1:
Bitty Love Bot - Sparkling metallic aqua
Femme Bot - Sparkling metallic peony
Dusty Bot - Sparkling metallic lavender
Lucky Bot - Sparkling metallic agave
Skyward Bot - Sparkling metallic cerulean
Yoshimi - A truly mod black & white combination of glitters
sprinkled with a bit of iridescence.
Part 2:
Midnight Bot - Sparkling Metallic Moonlight Blue
Princess Bot - Sparkling Metallic Princess Pink
Violetta Bot - Sparkling metallic Violet
Thallo Bot - Sparkling metallic summer green
Pyro Bot -Sparkling metallic magenta!
Neon Yoshimi - Yoshimi goes Neon! This glitter topper is full of black, white and neon blast of bright glitters in varying sizes sprinkled with iridescence to make your manicure pop!
The Robots - Full Collection ($90, 12 lacquers)
The Robots - Part 1 ($50, 6 lacquers)
The Robots - Part 2 ($50, 6 lacquers)
Available separately ($10 each). 

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