We have received so many emails, and Facebook messages from many of you sharing your experiences with Rainbow Honey. We couldn't be happier! It's so gratifying for us to hear your comments and feedback. It pushes us to do more and better!

Customer Service and attention to detail is at the core of what we do and we could not do it without your support. We owe who we are to all of you, so many thanks for making Rainbow Honey great! We love you all!

Below you'll find excerpts from the countless emails we have received from many of you. Once again, thank you and keep writing!


"The colors are different each time. Great service."
-Samantha C.
"Love rainbow honey!"
-Michelle G.
"Love, love, love!"
-Katie F.
"You guys are just awesome! You are so professionnal! It's always like I'm opening a birthday gift when I get my package. You are the best :)"
-Stéphanie G.
"Gorgeous colors, great wear, great glitter, great consistency, great people...just all around great polish, cuticle treatments and lotions!!"
-Teresa I.
"First- the customer service is exquisite. Polite and fun to talk to.
Second- the turn around time is incredibly fast.
Third- the polishes themselves are to die for. If you're a junkie (like me) or just like beautiful polish that's original and has good longevity, this is for you.
Fourth- uh the freebies! I can't begin to express how awesome it is to get free stuff just for ordering.
My first order was of the my little pony collection and it got me hooked!"
-Brandy S.
"First time buyer...I purchased the March mystery bag!!!! I love the price and the bag full of goodies!!! I use my lotion every night!!!! I will continue buying the mystery bag!!! I am patiently waiting on next month's bag!!! Thank you!!!"
-Marlyn M.
"Subscribed to the Mystery Bag- such great quality at an amazing price! I am a huge (and new) fan!"
-Halo E.
"Got my March mystery bag today and I LOVE it! This was my first ever purchase from Rainbow Honey. Don't want to spoil the surprise for anyone waiting for their bag, but I'm very happy with what was in it!"
-Brooke S.
"I'm new on the scene but I'm Obsessed! The only indie polish I use!"
-Erika R.
"Dee and the team have put together some absolutely gorgeous creations, but I have to say a HUGE thank you to Carolyn. She was super quick, efficient and friendly when answering my questions and helping me through what I thought would be a tricky transaction (it wasn't!). I don't know what impressed me more- Rainbow Honey's stunning polishes, or their spectacular customer service. Seriously- I'm still blown away by how awesome this team is. Can't wait for next time!"
-Dawn E.
"The packaging alone is beautiful and adds a special flair to each bottle of polish.... it really shows how dedicated Rainbow Honey is to the trade, and the customers. This was my first 'Indie Polish' purchase and I couldn't have had a better experience."
-Niki B. 
"Your customer service is as great as your polish!"
-Maude F. (Quebec, Canada)

“Best nail polish. Ever.”
-Amber-Marie D.

“Fabulous polish!! Beautiful and perfect always!”
-Tianna R.

“I cannot express my love for Rainbow Honey well enough! The packaging, the customer service, the themes, and of course the polishes themselves are a real delight.”
-Rose B.

“Hands down an amazing indie polish brand! Never have been disappointed by them. Love them!!!”
-Elizabeth C.

“Perfect day to say that I LOVE Rainbow Honey! When I opened my first package I knew immediately that this brand was really special. I have always been super happy with all my orders and the mystery bags are incredibly awesome.”
-Iara G.

“Easily my favorite indie company. Amazing products, amazing packaging, amazing service. I look forward to new polishes from RH constantly!”
-Corrinne S.